Custom Made Deadmau5 Heads

Below you can see what some of our customers have said about there custom made mau5 heads
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Sean O'Brien - Bristol, United Kingdom
I'd like to start by saying that the craftsmenship on these Mau5Head's is nothing short of amazing. I'd highly recommend purchasing a Mau5Head to anyone tempted into doing so. Trust me; you wouldn't be disappointed with purchasing one of these Mau5Head's. If you're after an exact replica of Joel's Deadmau5 Head, there is really no need to look any further than this. All N all, Make-My MauFive provides you with the expected results; a professional quality made product that is worth every penny spent. Currently I've purchased two and have expectations in purchasing perhaps more in the future.

Zach Le Sage - Spalding, United Kingdom
First the mau5 head i purchased was of amazing quality and built with high quality materials. the attention to detail was more than impressive and all wiring and edges were emaculate. if you want an exact replica mau5 head then make my mau5 is definitely the place to buy one, and especially at these low prices its a no brainer.

Edward Konarski - London, United Kingdom
I been looking for a deadmau5 head for dj-ing , I got it in a week from ordering it , the craftsmanship on the head is amazing , it looks just like the one of the heads that the deadmau5 uses , if you are looking for a replica mau5 head to dj or just to look cool in , go to

Mike Harry Illingworth - Northampton, United Kingdom
I have been looking for somewhere to buy a decent mau5head for quite some time and i finally found makemymau5. The first thing i must say is the delivery and customer interaction was absolutely brilliant. These guys phoned me every day after i had sent the money, telling me how the making of the head was getting a long, so i had constant updates about my head. When it was finally finished it took 1 day after being sent to arrive, and when i open the box i was amazed. The craftsman ship is amazing and there is literally nothing i can complain about on the head. Totally worth every single penny, and i could have already recommended this to so many of my friends. Definately gunna buy another when i get the money.

Owen Morris - Bromley, United Kingdom
Wow. Right first thing is that these guys are great at replying and keeping you informed of teh making process through email and photos on facebook. I have wanted a mau5head for a very very long time and has taken me so long to find someone who makes professional replicas. These guys are the best bet for a mau5head! no doubt about it. The Paint is amazing.. such a great finish! the ears are extreemly sturdy and feel very solid when bolted on the head. Yes .. bolted, this is a pro job! The mesh is great to see out of , and not so easy to see into so works perfectly! the head harness/ strap inside is a great idea and is easily adjusted. Also the new ears look fab! thanks so much you guys! .. once i have obtained more money i will be looking to buy another one! 5*.